SAVANNAH,GA (June 5, 2012) A 70-year-old Savannah landlord has been charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor after shooting to death a dog that he said attacked him.

 James Harris Wrenn was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, possession of a firearm in committing a crime and discharging a firearm in a residential area after the incident in the Hollow Oak Campground on Fort Argyle Road.

 The owner of the dog said he had tethered the dog with a chain in front of a camper near his father’s mobile home to allow Wrenn to address an electrical problem Monday, about 6 p.m.

 After repairing the problem, Wrenn said the dog tried to bite a neighbor and then knocked him down, trying to bite him in the groin. Wrenn was bitten on the hand when he tried to fend the dog off.

 Wrenn then went to his truck, which was parked away from the dog, obtained  a pistol, returned to the dog and shot at him nine times, hitting him at least twice. Neighbors said he reloaded the gun during the shooting.

 Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police removed Wrenn from the location to help calm down neighbors and had an emergency medical service treat him for the bite before transporting him to the Chatham County Detention Center.

 SCMPD West Chatham commander, Capt. Phillip Reilley, called the incident horrific and said, “we are fortunate no one was injured by this senseless act.”

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About Savannah Chatham Metro Police

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police are constantly seeking new ways to communicate with our community. You will find all the latest news releases and have an oppertunity to comment. There are also links to all the local news stations and CrimeStoppers.
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